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Abstract Background

Our vision has always been to become and remain the first port of call for timely, reliable, accurate, insightful information on law and policy-making processes of interest to commercial enterprises and their legal advisers.  


Our mission is to engender a culture of reporting on developments in Parliament and national government that sticks to the facts, supported by links to the original source documents or video recording encouraging readers to draw their own informed conclusions

Our story ... We began in 2012 as a free email alert service for legal practitioners and their firms. The service focused on policy-related developments published in the Government Gazette. In 2013, the offering was expanded to include real-time summaries of key steps in the process of considering and improving new legislation before Parliament's National Assembly and NCOP committees. These summaries focused on Bills of special interest to the business community and their legal advisers. The concept was adopted by Juta Law's Legalbrief Today and became Legalbrief Policy Watch.

During its nine-year association with Juta Law,
the Policy Watch service was expanded further to include summaries of legislative developments announced by the 
financial sector regulators. In 2015, CompliNEWS began featuring these summaries in its weekly newsletter an arrangement that continued until the end of 2021. 

In January 2022, having parted ways with Juta Law, Policy Watch SA™ was registered and launched as an independent company offering a client-specific customised monitoring service. It has since joined forces with SA LEGAL ACADEMY to produce a subscription-based monthly newsletter.

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