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began in 2012 as a free email alert service for legal practitioners and their firms. The following year, the service was expanded to include reports on developments in the process of considering and improving on key Bills before Parliament's National Assembly and NCOP committees. This service was adopted by Legalbrief Today and became Legalbrief Policy Watch. In 2022, Policy Watch SA parted ways with Legalbrief Today, reverting to its original alert service - this time on LinkedIn. It has since joined forces with SA Legal Academy.

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Policy Watch SA's mission ...

has always been to become and remain the first port of call for timely, reliable, accurate, insightful information on law and policy-making processes of interest to commercial enterprises and their legal advisers.  

Policy Watch SA's vision is ...

to engender a culture of reporting on developments in Parliament and national government that sticks to the facts, supported by links to the original source documents or video recording - encouraging readers to draw their own informed conclusions. 

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