Since January 2013, the author of POLICY WATCH SA has been writing the Policy Watch column for Juta Law's Legalbrief Today. It is and was the author's concept, which she developed using the Legalbrief Today platform. She remains grateful to Juta Law for the opportunity.

That said, on 12 January 2022 Legalbrief Policy Watch will change hands.

POLICY WATCH SA will nevertheless continue to monitor and report on key parliamentary and public policy developments for select clients.

This service will be customised to suit each individual client's needs.

For the remainder of 2021 and onwards, the POLICY WATCH SA blog, 'IN THE PERIPHERY', will no longer feature the most recent backdated copies of Legalbrief Policy Watch reports on land reform, the Copyright Amendment Bill or any other key legislation.

As indicated in most blog posts on these important Bills, Legalbrief Policy Watch reports were made available on the POLICY WATCH SA site as a public service, with Juta Law's permission. As also clearly indicated, Juta Law owns the copyright to all Legalbrief Policy Watch material.

The author is grateful to Juta Law for allowing her to make this important resource accessible free of charge.

The existing blog posts will nevertheless not be updated.

'IN THE LOOP ', a complimentary POLICY WATCH SA weekly newsletter, will be monetised in January and customised as part of each client-specific package.

Meanwhile, backdated copies of editions 1 to 10 are available here.