Vol. 1 No. 12, covering the week ending 15 October 2021

(copies of earlier editions are available on request)


The Covid-19 disaster management regulations for adjusted lockdown level one have been amended to allow limited numbers of spectators at certain sports matches.

Last year’s ministerial directive on measures specific to the sport, arts and culture sector has been amended to reflect the requirements of disaster management regulations for adjusted lockdown level one.

Caregivers without a ‘valid 13-digit identity number’ but, instead, holding a Social Security Agency of South Africa ‘system generated number’ may now apply for a Covid-19 social relief of distress grant.


A draft Climate Change Bill has been tabled in Parliament, pending certification by the State Law Adviser.

National Treasury’s May 2020 draft technical paper, ‘Financing a Sustainable Economy’, has been revised to reflect some of the input received.

The Local Government: Municipal Structures Amendment Act will be in force from 1 November. From that date, among other things, a councillor ‘removed from office’ by the member of a provincial executive committee responsible for local government will be required to wait two years before standing for election to ‘any municipal council’.

National strategic frameworks have been published on meeting the needs and rights of people with disabilities. One deals with their ‘reasonable accommodation’; the other with universal design and access.


Once operationalised, the Marine Pollution Amendment Bill to be tabled in Parliament soon will give effect to two relatively recent annexures to a 1973 international convention. One annexure deals with sewerage; the other with air pollution.

Last month’s controversial regulations on the bank account verification system for occupational injury and disease claim payments have been withdrawn.


The NCOP’s Security & Justice Committee has called for written submissions on the revised Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill, which responds to a 2019 Constitutional Court ruling on protecting the identity of child victims in criminal proceedings.

The Information Regulator has called for input on proposed amendments to the 2018 protection of personal information regulations.


'Since 1994, the democratic government has placed the legitimate concerns of military veterans at the heart of its policy interventions. This recognises and acknowledges the immense contribution these men and women made to the liberation of South Africa' (Presidential Task Team on Military Veterans)

‘While we are aware and note the challenges faced by military veterans especially regarding ... inadequacies with the Department of Military Veterans, we remain unambiguous in opposing coercion and violence as a means to resolve these challenges’ (National Assembly Defence & Military Veterans Committee chair, Cyril Xaba)

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