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With the 2020/21 festive season coming to an end, Legalbrief Today's editors are busy preparing their first newsletter for 2021, which is scheduled to be published on 11 January. For the foreseeable future, therefore, this website will only feature material drawn from Legalbrief Policy Watch several days after being published in the daily newsletter, which is available only to subscribers. It will focus on certain key Bills now before Parliament with the aim of ensuring that interested and affected parties are kept informed. Unfortunately, mainstream media reports on these processes tend to overlook the nuances and may not necessarily be accurate.

Meanwhile, the headings and opening sentences for daily Legalbrief Policy Watch article's can be found here. They are locked to non-subscribers.

Pam Saxby's contributions to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group's (PMG's) blog are scheduled to resume on Monday 18 January. They will focus on Government Gazette notices of general interest, which may include amendments to Covid-19 regulations and ministerial directives. They are accessible to anyone interested, without a subscription, and can be found here.

By providing real time updates on amendments made to the Covid-19 disaster management regulations and ministerial directives during the festive season, Policy Watch SA's intention was to fill a gap left while Legalbrief Today and PMG editors were taking a well-deserved break. Hopefully, this service was helpful.

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