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Measures aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 at sports, arts and culture facilities and venues for the duration of lockdown level three are spelled out in a ministerial directive gazetted today (5 January 2021) and immediately in force.

Among other things, they:

  • specify the personnel permitted to enter a sports venue during a match

  • prohibit alcohol consumption at sporting events and at public parks

  • prescribe 20:00 as ‘cut-off time’ for all sports matches

  • specify which venues and premises are closed to the public nationally and across all hotspots

  • prescribe the measures to be taken at gyms and fitness centres, including:

o adherence to stringent health/hygiene protocols and ventilation requirements, and

o the closure of saunas, steam rooms and childcare facilities, and

  • refer the ‘owners’ of museums, galleries, libraries, archives, cinemas, theatres, gyms and fitness centres to:

o provisions in the 2010 Safety at Sports & Recreational Events Act affecting large venues

o municipal bylaws on event hosting

o their obligations regarding the development and implementation of a plan to mitigate exposure to Covid-19, and

o the mandatory display of a venue’s carrying capacity, as verified by the relevant municipality.

You are encouraged to read the new directive in its entirety and to refer to the adjusted disaster management regulations for lockdown level three.

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