• Pam Saxby


Updated: Jan 2

Several measures in place since 03 December with the aim of curbing the spread of Covid-19 under State of Disaster alert level one have been relaxed. Others have been clarified. Gazetted on 17 December and immediately in force, the changes affect:

  • accommodation, dining, entertainment, bar and conferencing facilities:

o allowing accommodation facilities to operate at full capacity, but

o restricting the number of people permitted to gather in certain areas of these facilities, depending on their capacity

  • wineries and wine farms:

o allowing tastings and the sale of liquor throughout the week between 10:00 and 18:00, but

o subject to curfew-related closing hours

  • all venues at which gatherings for large group activities take place:

o requiring them to close at 21:00 in hotspots and 22:00 in non-hotspots (this was confirmed on 22 December, finally ending any confusion caused by various interpretations of measures applying to the movement of people and gatherings in public places)

  • customary initiation practices (which are prohibited throughout the Garden Route and Sarah Baartman district municipalities, as well as the Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan area, but are permitted in other parts of the Eastern Cape only).

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