BILLS NOW BEFORE PARLIAMENT (as at 9 December 2019)

Thanks to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group for making these Bills freely available to members of the public

Bills tabled in the 6th democratic Parliament (in alphabetical order)

Independent Electricity Management Operator Bill (DA)

Judicial Matters Amendment Bill

National Health Insurance Bill

Recognition of Customary Marriages Amendment Bill

Military Discipline Bill

Prescription in Civil & Criminal Matters (Sexual Offences) Amendment Bill

Bills revived by the NCOP on 17 October, having lapsed in May (in order of year tabled)

2016 Border Management Authority Bill ‘B’ version

2016 National Forests Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

2017 Traditional Courts Bill ‘B’ version

2017 Cybercrimes Bill ‘B’ version

2017 National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill ‘D’ version

2018 Customary Initiation Bill ‘B’ version

2018 iKamva Digital Skills Institute Bill ‘B’ version

2018 Civil Union Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

2018 Local Government: Municipal Structures Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

2018 Independent Police Investigative Directorate Amendment Bill 

2018 National Gambling Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

2018 Child Justice Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

2019 National Minimum Wage Amendment Bill 

Bills revived by the National Assembly on 29 October, having lapsed in May (in order of year tabled)

2016 National Land Transport Amendment Bill ‘D’ version

2017 Defence Amendment Bill

2017 Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill ‘B’ version

2017 International Crimes Bill, 2018 State Liability Bill

2017 National Public Health Institute of SA Bill

2018 Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill

2018 Airports Company Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

2018 Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

Science and Technology Laws Amendment Bill ‘B’ version

2018 Social Assistance Amendment Bill

2018 Civil Aviation Amendment Bill

2018 South African Reserve Bank Amendment Bill

2018 National Health Amendment Bill

2018 Public Finance Management Amendment Bill

2019 Local Government: Municipal Systems Amendment Bill