Some Bills before Parliament receive the attention they deserve from Ministers and Deputy Ministers, who regularly attend meetings of the committees concerned to ensure the process runs smoothly and that any changes made are drafted correctly. I’m not a political commentator. Neither do I believe it’s my place to endorse or oppose government policy unless it’s blatantly wrong. So, in singling out three members of the executive who have meticulously overseen the processing of Bills in which they have an interest, this post should not be interpreted as indicating my support for them, their party’s policies or the contents of the Bills themselves.

That said, I acknowledge the painstaking attention to detail and obvious commitment of Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel (Competition Amendment Bill), Public Works Deputy Minister Jeremy Cronin (Expropriation Bill) and Justice and Constitutional Development Deputy Minister John Jeffrey (Bills too numerous to mention). They personify the calibre of MPs South Africa needs.

CAPE TOWN. Minister Ebrahim Patel adresses the select committee on economic development in the old assembly chamber in parliament 15 Feb 2011.Pic:Trevor Samson

I refer to these Bills in particular:

The controversial Competition Amendment Bill, the equally contentious Expropriation Bill (now being revised to make more explicit situations in which land may be expropriated without compensation) and, most recently, the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill

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